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Why Didn’t I Mark the Greens?

Posted on | June 18, 2012 | No Comments

Oh, I’ll be able to remember what I planted. Wrong. Help. What is this? I can’t remember.

I first thought the smaller green on the left was Corn Salad, but I’m thinking it might be Rocket?? So what would the the green on the right be? The smaller is milder so I don’t think it can be Rocket. The green on the right isn’t a good bitter, but a bitter I don’t care for. I give up. No more gardening for me. Could it be a Kale?

Sometimes You Just Have to Go For a Walk and Smell the Flowers

Posted on | April 27, 2012 | No Comments

What Does Your Dining Room Table Look Like?

Posted on | April 26, 2012 | 2 Comments

All dining room tables look like this, right?

Every mother on the planet has 700 different projects in whirl, right? Today, I will dump the table to make room to help Eddie create a costume for the school’s Renaissance Festival. He is Machiavelli.

Here is our inspiration.

I just returned from Goodwill. I found a large red shirt and black dress. I now need to cut out the tags and cut 2 large slits into the dress before Eddie comes home for lunch. If he would realize his garmet is being created out of women’s clothing, he would not wear it.

Oh, and here’s where I am with my wine bottle candle and planter project. You can see I took this photo 2 days ago because now it’s all on the dining room table. Everything is moved off the kitchen table around dinner time. You know, so there’s room to eat.

Time to Freeze Organic Strawberries

Posted on | April 24, 2012 | 4 Comments

It’s that time of year when the strawberries are abundant. Today, I’m hanging in the kitchen with music in the background and organic strawberries in the foreground. There is nothing better than knowing you have organic strawberries in the freezer for “We Slept Too Late – Last Minute” breakfast smoothies.

I wish I could share a recipe for our smoothies, but we don’t have one. We use whatever we’re in the mood for or have on hand. I usually throw in strawberries, Greek yogurt and/or hemp milk, a frozen banana, almond butter, flax oil (yes flax oil, the kids have no idea), a handful of green (spinach, kale, romaine, etc.), and again, whatever is in the house. Grace loves mangos, papayas, kiwis, peaches, cantaloupe… The other kids enjoy fruit, too, but not like Grace. You name it, it can go in.

Guess How My Day is Going

Posted on | April 23, 2012 | 2 Comments

My 13-year-old son became angry with us this morning when we accused him of lying to us about not knowing the whereabouts of his Kindle. The routine is that when he goes to bed at night, he places his computer, Kindle, flash lights, and other books on the dining room table. He told us he couldn’t find his Kindle. I snuck up to his room about an hour after he was suppose to be asleep to find his Kindle under his pillow. He was pretending to be asleep.

So when it was time to get up for school this morning, he was cranky. So cranky that he wouldn’t kiss us good-bye and slammed the door on his exit. Guess who will be fixing this after school?

Yes, it’s all about glass right now. I promised to show a pic of my glass bottle candle. Here it is. Trust me, I’ve been emptying bottles quickly. My children cause me to drink. As soon as they move out, I’m off to Betty Ford.

I’ll be cutting more glass soon. Kevin cut a few bottles over the weekend, and sadly they were all failures. Don’t worry. I’ll teach him how to do it.

Oh, and I’m going to make upside down planters out of them too. So much to do, too much laundry, cooking, work, etc. Check out these awesome bottles.

I Cut Glass

Posted on | April 19, 2012 | No Comments

I cut glass. Oh, yes I did. It was easy peasy.

Why? We took out 3 near-dead bushes in our back yard that blocked our sitting area under the pergola from the street. We would have replanted, but the problem is there is no sun now that the Wisteria has covered the pergola. We opted to hang wire and create a “invisible” lattice. Now I need to plant ivy or something to cover the wire.

I’ve been hanging glasses that hold candles on the lattice, but when it rains they fill with water. Living in the mosquito capital of the world required that I find a solution. Now that I can cut glass, I have figured out what I’m going to do. Let’s just say it involves drinking wine from the bottle for the next few weeks, and a run to the hardware store for some wire. I’ll post pics of the solution tomorrow, but for now check out this clean cut.

Did anyone have that cheap glass cutting kit from the 70s? I got one from Santa. It never worked, but oh yes it did. If only I knew. You don’t need to cut thru the glass. All you need to do is score the glass. Then its a simple operation of pouring hot boiling water over the score and alternating with cold water. Here’s a demo on YouTube – Sorry, he talks too much, but you’ll get the gist.

I found the “G2 Bottle Cutter” at Hobby Lobby for $25.99 (and used a 40% off coupon found online at their site.) It can also be found online at eBay, Amazon, etc.

More to come! I’ll be drinking and cutting glass all night and weekend.

Is Bulk Buying Worth It?

Posted on | April 13, 2012 | 2 Comments

I’m finished with the bulk buying. Why? Indian Meal Moths. They have taken over the house. They have invaded every box/package of pasta, cereal, rice, flour, nuts, crackers… I have tried everything. I have moved everything into air proof containers. Do the Indian Meal Moths care? No. They are mini Houdinis. They can climb into anything. They eat through the plastic bag to get to the rice. Oh, and don’t even try to smash them. They disintegrate into a black smear that can’t be removed.

I caved. After I began to pick out boiled larvae from the pasta while still on the stovetop, I administered an intervention, to myself. I can’t control them. I give. I called an exterminator. I’ve never called an exterminator before.

Everything had to be tossed. Our trash collectors must hate me. If I’m not tossing a quarter of thawed, grass-fed beef, I’m tossing an entire kitchen & basement of dried goods.

Holding Pattern

Posted on | November 15, 2011 | No Comments

Wow! I was listed #4 on the “30 Best College Mom Blogs,” and I haven’t posted forever. Ha! I didn’t know I was a college mom blog. Whatever.

Why haven’t I posted. We’re in a holding pattern, and I’m seriously working on the book I told you about earlier. At the current rate the book will be ready in 10 years. No kidding.

As for the college search, the holding pattern is due to waiting for a score on the PSAT. Our daughter did well on this test her sophomore year in high school, but does it count the sophomore year? NO! Doing well on this test could change the entire college search for her. When will the scores be in – December. December when? Don’t know. Just waiting. Until then, check out these sites:


There are days I think…

Posted on | October 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

that my job sucks. Not so much…

Seriously? It’s that full?

The Severed Hand Dream

Posted on | October 13, 2011 | 3 Comments

In my dream last night, I was visiting at my parent’s home. My three siblings were there, but no spouses or kids. We were in the family room enjoying a discussion when I decided to walk into the mud bathroom. Remember this is a dream. To the right of the sink were two hands (a few fingers missing and/or hanging) in a bowl of water. The water was not bloody, but a bit cloudy. On the floor were a few knives and an axe.

The next thing I knew my son was with me following the dripping blood. It led us out onto the driveway. We followed it to the end of the driveway, and at that point I had learned it was my brother Chris’ hand.

The neighborhood was alive. Neighbors were planting flowers, working in their vegetable gardens, and a group of boys (my brother, Doug, included) were playing basketball across the road.

I began to scream my brother’s name. I screamed, “Chris, Chris, Chris”, over and over again. No one seemed to notice. The next thing I knew was that my parents were by my side. They said that he cut off his other hand before. He goes away and will come home when he’s ready. They were very calm. Their calmness was reassuring.

Why is this weird? My brother, Chris, estranged himself from our family 3 years ago.  Or as my 12 year-old would say, he “defected.” Chris is married and they have 2 children. The oldest is my Godson. I haven’t seen any of them for a little over 3 years.

I’ve been thinking about him a lot, lately. He was diagnosed with colon cancer a couple of years ago. We thought he beat it, but it’s back. It’s in his liver.

Back to the dream:  I learn that the other hand is that of my 16 year-old daughter, Rebecca. All I could think was, “Why? Why would she cut off her hand?” This time Kevin and my other daughter Grace reassured me that she knows what she’s doing.

What does this all mean? Is Rebecca separating herself from us? Am I dreaming this because she has begun the “college search?” Is the thought of her being miles away from us freaking me out? YES!

Reality:  It’s 6:00 AM. I role over in bed and there is Rebecca. She’s asleep on her back, mouth open, and a small, gentle snore. Kevin is out of town. When he is gone Rebecca is the one who always climbs into bed and sleeps with me. When she’s off to college will the other 2 sleep with me?


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